Buffing Automation

Buffing automation is specially designed for polishing electrical switch with full automation and can be use for all types of switches with minor change over & setting.

  • Machine Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Application
Auto loading and unloading of components.
High speed buffing.
Buffing wheel height Adjustment.
Safety canopy Enclosure.
60 Switch Per min buffing.
Manless Operation.
Safety starts push button.
Easy Maintenance for all parts.
PLC Base Control Panel.
Automatic detect faulty and broken switch.
High Speed Auto Loading By Bowl Feeder.
Buffing Wheel for polish.
Speed Control Adjustment.
PLC Control Panel.
Powerful Induction Motor.
Loading switch detection Sensor.
Start, Stop & Emergency Switches.
Automatic Pneumatic Operation.
Suited for all type of Switch.
Buffing for all components for glossy finish.

Ampoule Feeding System

The Ampoule feeding system is specially designed to feed the Ampoules at right orientation and right direction with bowl feeder, high speed conveyors & Indexing mechanism with Inspection camera attached at the top of the indexer plate.

  • Machine Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Characteristics
Auto feeding of ampoules with high & low level sensors.
Smart sensors and rejection unit.
80 ampoules per minute can be orient and inspected.
High resolution standard inspection camera (baumer).
Auto defect senser with alarm unit.
PLC control panel with HMI.
Hopper with elevator conveyor to continuous feed.
Conveyor belt unit with speed variation and segregation of ampoules.
Rejection schute to remove excess ampoule.
360̊ rotating indexing disc with sensor unit.
Inspection camera to check right orientation of ampoules.
Ok not ok gravity schutes with air jet supply station.
From elevator conveyor through the bowl feeder and transfer to the conveyor track.
A conveyor transports the ampoules into the tracks.
A motor driven indexer disc rotates the ampoules certain degree towards the camera inspection station
The servo driven Indexer turns certain degrees, moving the ampoules into a right position.
The ampoule segregates into the chutes and forms them into lines from there they continue further.
Gentle handling to protect the ampoules from damage.
Adopts servo regulated technology.
User-friendly due to ergonomic filling height.

Eddy Current Testing Automation

Full Line Of Portable Flaw Detectors Available To Serve The Broadest Range Of Applications. Perform Highly Reliable Flaw Detection With An Advanced Eddy Current Flaw Detector. Simplicity & Reliability. Leading Technologies support by infinity Technology with service and support team.

Multi Spindle Tapping Machine

Multi Spindle Tapping Machine. Manufactured in compliance with the set industrial norms and using the highest grade of raw materials, the offered product is one of the finest that is available in the market. Used in a number of industries, these products are reasonably priced.


Low maintenance
Sturdy design
Hassle-free performance

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