Industrial Washing Machine


Compact Design
Hot Water Spraining Nozzle
Temperature Controlling System
Complete ss Fabrication structure
PLC Control Panel with HMI
Manual Loading Unloading
Auto water Inlet and Outlet drain system

Important Features

1200 Ltr Water Tank
2 Inch Water Pipeline
3 Inch Drainage Water Pipeline
Auto Drainage System
SS Structure Cage for bin carrying 12 Quantity
V Belt Pulley Drive Mechanism
40 KW Heater Provision for water heating to maintain upto 55 degree Celcius in One Hour
Cleaning Velocity 32 RPM
Loading Unloading Manually.
Spraying Nozzle Working Presurre 3 Bar.
Internal Structure S.S 304 Outer Frame M.S.
Temperature setting time 20MIN, Cleaning time will be setable.
PLC Base Control Panel with HMI.
Rigid & Roboust Structure.
Hinge Door with sealing.
Cycle Operation 15 min depends on trial