Bowl Feeder

Bowl feeders are common devices used to Feed small component to another machine one-by-one, also known as Vibratory Feeder. INFINITY manufactures 6 models of vibratory Bowl Feeders, i.e ITB - 200, ITB - 300, ITB - 400, ITB - 500, ITB - 600, ITB - 800. We follow stringent Safety Norms for Machinery Safety, Low Voltage Directive as well as the Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

Model Name Bowl Diameter Coil Power Controller Type
ITB 200/300 200/300 mm 170 VA Digital
ITB 400 400 mm 510 VA Digital
ITB 500 500 mm 680 VA Digital
ITB 600 600 mm 680 VA Digital
ITB 800 800 mm 1000 VA Digital

Product Developed Through Experience:

Our Bowl Feeders are an outcome of our own experience while designing our SPM's. Our Technicians are experienced to handle components which are most difficult to orient and require high feeding rate. We welcome comments which other vibratory feeder manufacturers decline. INFINITY represent a complete range of vibratory bowl feeders available, including drive units, bowls, bowl centres, control boxes and additional accessories

Applications of Vibratory Bowl Feeder:

Bowl Feeders are Suitable for feeding components for subsequent operations on special machines in, mechanical, pharmaceutical, electrical, bearing and many other industries. The components can be plastic switches, bullets heads, capsules, rubber cots, shaving handles as well as heavy parts such as fasteners, bolts, bearings, races and metal sockets. We offer a total design solution for components to be handled, from tooling for variation in components, and Manufacturing services for custom vibratory Feeders.