Automatic Disinfectant Tunnel

Epidemic is not over... while we go back to work.

With People going back to Factories, Schools, Stations, Supermarket and many other public places we would need a safe, efficient, functional, mobile and large flow disinfection equipment...!

The existing methods are orthodox and need human assistance. In addition, the accuracy of temperature measurement, probability of manual errors and inadequacy of disinfection methods have hidden dangers.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Stop at Entrance of Booth.
Foot operated Sanitizer Dispensing.
Person moves ahead of the entrance.
Dispensing spray system starts immediately.
Spray encloses a volume of 6 cubic feet.
As the person moves ahead towards the exit.


Features :
Easy to Install, Plug & Play system.
200 Disinfecting Cycles per hour.
Non Contact Sanitizing System.
Motion Detector.
RFID Detection method.
Intelligent IOT based Data Managment.
External Flex Coated / Vinyl / PP Structure.
Technical Specification:
Power Ratings: 230V/1 Ph/50 Hz.
1 HP Motor Pump.
Canopy Size :L: 9' X W 5' X H7'
Number of Spray Nozzles: 24.
Pump Working Pressure: 25 Bar.
Consumption: 60 liters per hour
Temperature Sensing
Tank Size 200 Liters.
Start, Stop & Emergency Switches.
External Flex Coated with visuals.